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About Our Studio

Ecobe is a creative studio that focuses on eco-friendly design, inspired by nature. 

Our goal is to create beautiful eco-friendly solutions that help our clients to thrive as a sustainable business on a healthy planet.

At the design studio, we can help with eco-friendly customs design, science visualisation, surface patterns, and prints and create communication media for eco-conscious businesses.

Do you want to…

…develop eco-friendly products or services?
…use Biomimicry for your project?
…transmit your content in easily understandable visuals?
Or do you need prints and patterns for all kinds of surfaces?

Take a Class

ecobe offers eco-innovation programs, biomimicry workshops, and online design courses.

Do you want to…

…learn how to design eco-friendly products or services?
…develop eco-friendly products in a step by step process in 5 weeks?
…learn more about Biomimicry?
…learn how to design for a circular economy?

Ulla Soeder ecobe

Hello, I am Ulla

Hello, I am Ulla Soeder, the founder and creative director of ecobe.

I am a nature-loving designer and environmental educator who combines different disciplines and techniques including design thinking, biomimicry, and various art and design techniques. I am constantly inspired by the wonders of the world and love to share this fascination with my designs.

Get inspired…

If you like beautiful inspiration from nature or are interested in eco-friendly design and biomimicry and access to new illustrations and surface patterns, please sign up for the monthly newsletter here:

Print & Pattern Design

Are you looking for designs for surfaces like textiles, wallpaper, apparel, paper goods, or packaging? 

Our founder Ulla loves print and pattern design and offers bespoke design service for all kinds of surfaces.

You can also choose designs from our existing collection for licensing. All designs are delivered in digital format, ready for production.


Do you want to be an eco-innovator and develop eco-friendly products or services by using Biomimicry?

Let`s create together! Enrollment for the Online Eco-innovation Design Sprint 2021 opens soon; sign up below to be notified when the doors open! 

Please sign up to get notified.

Downloadable Adventure Kits for children

Do you want to have fun with your kids while learning about the different habitats on earth?

The downloadable adventure kits feature different living environments like rainforests, deserts, or the deep sea, and their inhabitants and show their unique characteristics through playing and crafting activities. All are leading to solving some mysteries of the habitat.
You can sign up here to get notified when the kits are launched and download FREE coloring sheets.

Get notified and download FREE RAINFOREST COLORING PAGES

downloadable rainforest adventure kit

Happy Clients

Amazing work. It’s a happy, colorful but still very clear overall impression; it’s really fun to look at. There is a great balance between, on the one hand, the complexity and respect for the topic, and, on the other hand, reducing it to the essentials and ensuring easy access.
It becomes clear at first glance at how the material is made up, and it looks great.
I think it’s great, I am absolutely thrilled, and I would like to express my thanks for this work. (Translated from German)
- Christina Janssen

CEO, Advaia Diversity Solutions

Happy Clients

We saw the unique pattern from Ulla that caught our eye and thought: This design must look amazing on clothes!
After a few weeks of development and bringing this print to life, not only us but many more happy customers are amazed by their new ‘Peachy Snake’ items in their wardrobe!
- Lara Stallbaum

CEO, Swedish Fall

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