Hi, I am Ulla, the founder of ecobe. I am a designer and educator focusing on sustainable design solutions. 

I help my clients to develop aesthetic, trend-conscious eco-friendly products and communication media, and I also like to teach how to do that.

I love being creative and discover and share the wonders of the world with my work. The most beautiful thing is for me when my clients are happy with their eco-friendly designs and products, or if I have discovered a new of nature’s fantastic design tricks.

My Story 

After working some years as a designer in various industries, I felt disillusioned. I did not want to design products that are designed and manufactured to end up in a landfill or pollute the oceans in a short time. I wanted to create sustainable, eco-friendly products that enable and support people to make a change and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

But I did not know exactly how to do that. Because of that, I decided to study environmental education, researched a lot about sustainable design, and finally started to teach it at different educational institutions. But the turning point for my design work was when I discovered Biomimicry and was fascinated from the beginning. 

Biomimicry practitioners look at nature for solutions to human challenges. Life has developed a great range of sustainable solutions during the timeframe of more than 3.8 billion years, a long time of research and development. Everything that surrounds us is thus long-time tested. Nature designs in circles and without waste and uses only life-friendly materials. Nature creates elegant solutions, conducive to life. 

I had the great opportunity to study Biomimicry at the Center of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. Here I learned from well-known Biomimicry experts and have developed a special method on how to integrate biomimicry thinking in a design process that I use and also teach in my programs. 

I conduct research, develop design concepts, create design collections, and complete products, including packaging and communication material.

If you are interested in sustainable design or Biomimicry, I would love to show you how to do that in a design project or my online training programs or live workshops. You will learn how to define your design challenge, use inspiration from nature, and develop a sustainable product or service from that process. 

I am happy that my work has already received some awards, and I am especially proud of the Unesco Social Design Award of Excellence for a children’s game about global learning. 

Since 2006 I am teaching design and sustainability at a variety of educational institutions, and I enjoy supporting the creative projects of the students and having the possibility to share my knowledge. 

If asked about my characteristics, I would answer that I am a curious, mostly cheerful person who loves to discover new things, traveling and exploring new places. I am happiest when spending time outside with friends and my little family, or equipped with painting material or a camera. 

I look forward to working with you!

My clients include:

Advaia Diversity Solutions
Academy for Communication Stuttgart, Heilbronn
Bausachverständigenbüro Tannert Berlin
Bay Area Discovery Museum Sausalito, USA
BMBF Verbundprojekt “Homo Europaeus” Humboldt Universität Berlin
Charité Berlin
German Human Genome Project
Evonik Industries
FU Berlin, Institut für Immunologie und Molekularbiologie
Hennig Photography
Humatic Interactive Screens GmbH Berlin
ICIS International Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability, Denmark
Jarm Urban Streetwear
Koordinationszentrum für Strukturforschung Berlin
Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee
Macoweda Institut Berlin
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetic Berlin
Museum for Natural History Berlin
Naturkost Berlin
O&O Software GmbH Berlin
Rina Network for RNA Technology
Schrobsdorff Bau GmbH
Sunbeam Eco Consultants GmbH Berlin
Weinhaus Vierbuecher
Wirtschaftsinstitut INBECU mibeg GmbH