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the bio-inspired design adventure

Are you interested in sustainability and eco-friendly design?

Would you like to learn more about bio-inspired innovation and work on a real-life sustainable design challenge?

Then join us for our next
Bio-inspired Design Adventure!

The Bio-inspired Design Adventure

We work as a team on a real design challenge and create sustainable solutions, test them and develop a business idea around it. 

For finding sustainable, eco-friendly ideas, we use a unique innovation method that combines Biomimicry with Design Sprints. 

In the process, you will:

  • Learn how to use nature as a source for inspiration and as a design guideline.
  • Reconnect with nature.
  • Create sustainable ideas for real-life challenges.
  • Get acquainted with Life’s Principles as an inspiration for sustainable solutions and use them for creating and as an assessment tool. 
  • Know and reflect upon the concept of Biomimicry.
  • Work step by step in a collaborative design process and decide on ideas in a structured process.
  • Learn to work with different design methods and tools.
  • Prototype a design idea.
  • Test and assess a design idea.
  • Let your creativity flow.
  • Have a lot of fun!

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The Bio-inspired Design Adventure is a project of the Bio-Inspired Design network, which we are currently creating. The network’s goals are to promote the possibilities that nature-inspiration provides to find sustainable ideas, create collaboratively sustainable solutions, learn about the topic simultaneously and establish a growing database of sustainable solutions while building a community interested in sustainable innovation. An interdisciplinary approach is encouraged by connecting stakeholders like companies using bio-inspiration already, researchers, and individuals who like to learn something about sustainability and educators.
In this way, the network is a learning structure that enables open innovation for sustainability by using the educational format called Bio-inspired design adventure.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and want to find new ideas, you might also find the Eco-innovation Design Sprint interesting. It is a professional Design Sprint that includes Biomimicry to innovate.

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