My Design process

I love to create and have developed over the years a step-by-step method for the design projects I am working on:


Design briefing and Research

The first step is to define the actual challenge with the client and document it in a design briefing. For that, research about existing solutions and competitors is conducted.


Inspiration by nature

In each design project, I am looking for inspiration from nature. It might be material, form, or system that fits the challenge and helps the design to become more sustainable.


Trend- and Moodboard

With trend- and mood boards that incorporate actual trends, the mood and color scheme of the desired design outcome is visualized.  


concept development

Concept development

In this phase, a lot of ideas are developed and a final design concept created.


Color and Material

With the right colors and material choices, the design concept is nearly finished.


Mockups and Prototyping

The design concept is tested with mockups and prototypes.

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