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The Designstudio

We create eco-friendly products in the design studio and help with print and pattern design and communication media. We have an interdisciplinary background and love to combine various techniques and to work two- and three- dimensional. 


At the design studio, we can help with eco-friendly customs design, science visualisation, surface patterns, and prints and create communication media for eco-conscious businesses.

Do you want to 

  • develop eco-friendly products or services?
  • use Biomimicry for your project?
  • transmit your content in easily understandable visuals?
  • create educational material?
  • Or do you need prints and patterns for all kinds of surfaces?

We use a step-by-step process for custom design work. During all steps, we collaborate with our clients and involve them at all stages of the design process.


our process

Design briefing and research

The first step is to define the actual challenge together with the client. For that, we research existing solutions and competitors and refine the requirements for the new design. We document this step in the design briefing. 

Inspiration by nature

For each design project, we draw inspiration from nature using an innovation method called Biomimicry. It might be material, form, or the whole system that fits the challenge and helps the design to become more sustainable.

Trend- and Moodboards

We look at current trends and create trend- and mood boards to visualize the desired design outcome’s mood and color scheme. 

 Concept development

In this phase, lots of ideas are developed, and the final design concept is created.

Colors and Material

With the right colors and material choices, the design concept is nearly finished.

Mockups and Prototyping

The design concept is displayed and tested with mockups and prototypes to gain feedback.

Final refinements

The feedback is integrated into the design, and the product is finalized.


Let’s work together, reach out, and let’s talk about your project idea or cooperation.

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