The eco-innovation Design Sprint

Learn how to design your sustainable eco-friendly product in 5 weeks

Do you want to develop eco-friendly products or services but do not know how?
Are you interested in Biomimicry and would like to know about it?
Do you want to learn an easy to follow-step by step innovation process for sustainable design?

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This online program shows you how to develop a sustainable, eco-friendly product or service in an easy to follow step by step process, how to develop an easy prototype of your idea and test it. In this Eco-innovation Design Sprint, you learn methods and tools for sustainable design and learn to use bio-inspiration as a foundation for sustainable solutions.

For whom?

Whether you are a business owner, designer, entrepreneur, or are interested in sustainable design, in general, this program will meet you where you are and help you to bring your eco-friendly ideas to life.



The program is taught in a semi-live way with lessons, activities, and live feedback. Additionally, there is the possibility of interdisciplinary learning and collaboration in the private learning group.

Course structure

Module 1 Introduction and scoping your challenge

Learn the basics of sustainable design and define your purpose for the program

Module 2 Discovery

Use e­codesigntools to analyze the actual state
Learn from nature for inspiration and meaningful insights

Module 3 Creation and finding the best solution

Generate ideas for sustainable solutions using a variety of design techniques

Module 4 Context and Decision making

Create a storyboard of your solution
Take a look at the whole system and make your solution future-proof by making it circular
Decide on the best sustainable solution using Life’s Principles

Module 5 Prototyping

Prototype your solution

Module 6 Testing

Test your solution

Module 7 Validation and next steps

Evaluate your design and plan your next steps

your investment

The Eco-Innovation Design Sprint program costs 497 €  (approximately $600, 440 GBP).

 Sign up here to be notified when the doors open!

Enrollment opens soon, sign up below to be notified when the doors open!

Get noticed!

your benefits

+ Extend your qualification
+ Learn the basics of sustainable design and bio-inspiration
+ Become familiar with tools & methods for ecodesign
+ Discover the topic of sustainability in a creative, innovative and fun way
+ Learn techniques that are easy to apply in your daily work
+ Learn with and from others (interdisciplinary approach)
+ Use ecodesign as an innovation driver
+ Strengthen your image of a sustainable business