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I help my clients to create eco-friendly products that empower them to thrive as a sustainable business on a healthy planet.

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ECOBE is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on sustainable solutions.

Product Development

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Eco-Innovation with Biomimicry

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Prints and Pattern

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Visual Communication

Do you want to transmit your content in easily understandable visuals?


Hi, I am Ulla, the founder of ecobe. I am a designer and educator focusing on sustainable design solutions. 

I help my clients to develop aesthetic, trend-conscious eco-friendly products and communication media, and I also like to teach how to do that.

I love being creative and discover and share the wonders of the world with my work. The most beautiful thing is for me when my clients are happy with their eco-friendly designs and products, or if I have discovered one of nature’s fantastic design tricks.


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